Menachem Moscovitz: Enhanced Teaching Methods for the improvement of the Educational Process

The latest educational strategies have surpassed the older ‘chalk and talk’ method. The modern and revolutionary methods, for teaching purposes, are meeting compliance with standards. The modern teaching method following the latest approach focuses on greater interaction of students by breaking boundaries and focusing on employment over results.

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Having the capability to teach students, by following engagement procedures, is considered one of the most difficult challenges these days. Finding lessons that bring out productive results have now become a concern for teaching professionals.

Impactful Teaching Methods for Improvement of the Educational Process

  • Implement Spaced Learning into Teaching Methods

Spaced learning has been approved with tested results. Students adopting spaced learning shows better enhancement in their learning procedures. In spaced learning, the lesson is repeated multiple times with interim breaks in between the lessons. For example, a condensed lesson of ten minutes can be repeated several times accompanied by a game break of fifteen minutes.

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The main motive of spaced learning is to encourage students to quickly switch their activities. As per the claim by the educational institutions, studies for hours can put stress degrading interests among learners and readers.

Scientific Fact behind the Logic

By following the above-given tips, one can easily activate brain cells. The brain cells help in creating a better connection for memorizing the knowledge in an effective way without any compromise in the quality.

  • Flexible Fridays

In this method, teachers focus on the particular lesson for the better transmission of knowledge to students. In this way, students can focus on weak subjects which they feel to give importance.

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Thus, scheduling a particular subject to study on a single day can help students to sort their subjects as per their strengths and requirements.

Thus, spaced learning and flexible Fridays can help students to gain better a better insight as well as solving their queries.

  • Engagement

The term ‘engagement’ plays an important role to make students aware of the surroundings for better realization. In this method, students visit industries and corporate, like a professional, to gain better insight.

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After performing the above-steps, students show a greater interest in the subject.

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Menachem Moscovitz: Blending Innovative Ideas with Strategies to make teaching More Effective

Undoubtedly, innovation is the base of any development whether it is teaching field or business domain. Competition and advancement in the education sector have elevated the demands of effective teaching strategies. But, how teachers can bring out fruitful results? No doubt, innovation is the answer.

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Blending innovative strategies into teaching methods can help students to achieve the target. Have a look below for a better insight.

Innovative Ideas for Reinventing Teaching Strategies

  • Opt for Creative Teaching Methods

Sowing the seeds of curiosity can help us in reaping productive results. Teachers need to choose creative teaching methods that can encourage students. With the help of visual exercises and tools, teachers can get succeeded in assisting students in the targeted platform.

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Provide students unique ideas and let them explore; exploring the facts helps them in simulating interests.

  • Incorporate Audio and Video Tools for Better learning

Blending simple teaching methods with audio and video tools will help students in citing comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Using videos while teaching provides concepts better, giving students a detailed knowledge of the subject.

  • Infusion of Practical Learning with Main Subjects

Citing practical examples and ideas into theoretical concepts is one of the best methods to teach students. Giving a real-life experience will encourage students to learn effectively and efficiently. Thus, in this way, a complete strategy can be developed to gain the desired knowledge.

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  • Organize Brainstorm Sessions

Organizing brainstorm sessions will compel students to think in their own way; subsequently, helping them in developing analytical skills. Teachers can easily organize brainstorm sessions into three categories:

  • Single brainstorm session;
  • Paired brainstorm session;
  • Group brainstorm session.
  • Outside Classroom teaching

Some subjects can be taught outside to provide better learning to students.

  • Storyboarding

If subjects are taught in story forms, then it will be easy for students to remember. This is rightly said and must be practiced in new teaching methods. Modern teaching institutions, even in higher studies, are using this method for displaying a better insight to students.

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  • Stimulate Classroom Environment

An engaging classroom with fun, interactive and calm environment will encourage students to continue their learning without any pressure. So, it is the responsibility of teachers to stimulate classroom environment.

  • Prepare Homework

Like students, teachers also need to formulate a plan for imparting quality education to students. This will include from plan A to Z.

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Menachem Moscovitz: Following Latest Trends for Teaching Students

Education has been constantly changing, so, teachers need to follow the same. As per the requirement of students, teachers are following advanced strategies to keep them updated which further help them in imparting effective and quality knowledge to students.

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Like other domains, education has also faced leaps and bounds; so, we need to opt for a competent professional like Mr. Menachem following the latest teaching trends for encouraging education.

Becoming a requisite, these teaching techniques have become the prominent need of education. These teaching techniques, that every teacher must emulate, are given below. Let’s check them out.

Top Four Teaching Techniques

  • Flipped Classroom Model

Teachers need to implement advanced strategies to bring out fruitful outputs. But, do you know how? The answer is the flipped classroom model. In this model, teachers encourage students to prepare lessons before the class.

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Integration of the Model with the Technology

Preparing lessons before the class will help students to learn lessons better and clear out their doubts. Teaching professionals, using online common tools for group connections, can direct and allot work to students. Thus, in this way, one can easily manage and get good results following the prescribed strategies.

  • Adopting Case Study or Design Thinking

With the help of group analyses, brainstorming, and creativity, teaching professionals can encourage students to solve real-life problems.


The design or innovative thinking approach is taught in master’s degree program for solving elevated levels of queries and problems.

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

Convincing students to follow these steps for solving problems help them in developing an analytical way of thinking. Now, it has become the responsibility of teaching professionals to design for the proper follow-up by students.

  • Self-learning Approach

Reams of lessons, without understanding them, can be a mess for students. So, what should teachers adopt for the proper follow-up of the targeted plan? No doubt, it is curiosity.

Teacher With College Students Giving Lesson In Classroom

Competent teaching professionals are capable of manipulating students and sowing seeds of curiosity. This is the most effective way to encourage students without any assistance.

How to Apply?

Using mind maps, teachers can create a central node, where students can develop or explore the allotted task or subject.

  • Gamification

Gamification is one of the most-sought options which teachers are emulating these days. Molding subjects into gaming platforms help students to learn effectively the subject without any realization, thus they don’t feel any burden.

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3 Proven Effective Ways to Improve Teaching Skills: Menachem Moscovitz

Becoming an effective teacher involves seeking out multiple sites of input that can enable you to reflect on and improve the teaching and learning that takes place in your class.

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In simple words; teaching a class of students is much harder than most of the people imagine. Not only do you need the knowledge of different subjects in order to pass it on, but a wide range of other skills is also necessary to keep control over a large group, and engage them – even when the topic isn’t the most exciting. This can provide you with a real challenge, but as we are about to find out, it becomes far easier when you begin to develop new teaching skills and techniques.

Improving your skills as a teacher takes effort, but once you begin to gain a better understanding of the ‘tricks of the trade’, you can implement countless simple measures to increase the effectiveness of your lessons – in no time at all.

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Every year, teachers are encouraged to step up their game and improve on their teaching skills. And if you too want to do this then here are some ways that you can consider to develop your skills for a better school year.

  • Learn About Your School’s Evaluation Tools

If your school is transitioning into a new form of evaluation for teachers, then you should take it upon yourself to learn about it. Take note of the highest ranking and understand what makes an exemplary teacher in the eyes of this evaluation.

  • Meet with Fellow Teachers

Sometimes, inspiration will come from chatting with another teacher. If you have the opportunity to meet with a group of teachers, either form your school or from another, you should grab the chance to interact with them. You’ll never know what you’ll learn from spending the day with fellow teachers. You can all exchange tips and experiences.

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  • Let Your Curiosity Lead You

Oftentimes, inspiration can hit you while reading an interesting article in a magazine or when you’re strolling around a flea market. Collect everything that catches your eye. A nice photograph for a writing exercise, some quirky trinkets as subjects for art class or a handful of interesting rocks to help explain erosion are all potential classroom activities waiting to be explored.

With these simple steps, you can be sure that you’ll have the tools needed to start the new-year or term as a better teacher.

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