Menachem Moscovitz: Enhanced Teaching Methods for the improvement of the Educational Process

The latest educational strategies have surpassed the older ‘chalk and talk’ method. The modern and revolutionary methods, for teaching purposes, are meeting compliance with standards. The modern teaching method following the latest approach focuses on greater interaction of students by breaking boundaries and focusing on employment over results.

menachem moscovitz

Having the capability to teach students, by following engagement procedures, is considered one of the most difficult challenges these days. Finding lessons that bring out productive results have now become a concern for teaching professionals.

Impactful Teaching Methods for Improvement of the Educational Process

  • Implement Spaced Learning into Teaching Methods

Spaced learning has been approved with tested results. Students adopting spaced learning shows better enhancement in their learning procedures. In spaced learning, the lesson is repeated multiple times with interim breaks in between the lessons. For example, a condensed lesson of ten minutes can be repeated several times accompanied by a game break of fifteen minutes.

Menachem Moscovitz

The main motive of spaced learning is to encourage students to quickly switch their activities. As per the claim by the educational institutions, studies for hours can put stress degrading interests among learners and readers.

Scientific Fact behind the Logic

By following the above-given tips, one can easily activate brain cells. The brain cells help in creating a better connection for memorizing the knowledge in an effective way without any compromise in the quality.

  • Flexible Fridays

In this method, teachers focus on the particular lesson for the better transmission of knowledge to students. In this way, students can focus on weak subjects which they feel to give importance.

menachem moscovitz

Thus, scheduling a particular subject to study on a single day can help students to sort their subjects as per their strengths and requirements.

Thus, spaced learning and flexible Fridays can help students to gain better a better insight as well as solving their queries.

  • Engagement

The term ‘engagement’ plays an important role to make students aware of the surroundings for better realization. In this method, students visit industries and corporate, like a professional, to gain better insight.

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After performing the above-steps, students show a greater interest in the subject.

Important Recommendation

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Know more about enhanced teaching methods and emulate in your teaching strategies by contacting Mr. Menachem.

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